song of the day – Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain…

November 7, 2006

Apni Marzi Se Kahan Apne Safar Ke Hum Hain
Rukh Hawaaon Ka Jidhar Ka Hai Udhar Ke Hum Hain

Pehle Har Cheez Thi Apni Magar Ab Lagta Hai
Apne Hi Ghar Mein Kisi Doosre Ghar Ke Hum Hain

Waqt Ke Saath Mitti Ka Safar Sadiyon Se
Kisko Maaloom Kahan Ke Hain Kidhar Ke Hum Hain

Chalte Rehte Hain Ke Chalnaa Hai Musaafir Ka Naseeb
Sochte Rehte Hain Kis Raah Guzar Ke Hum Hain



  1. nice song – where is it from tarique AT gmail DOT com

  2. Wheres the song from?

    Its lovely.

  3. Nida Fazli’s soulful lyrics… in Jagjit’s voice.

    Checkout the following link for the song

  4. ultimate ultimate ultimate. it makes me remind of my girlfriend who got married.

  5. very lovely.. very practical song.. and very beautifully
    sung as well..

  6. by nida fazli… initially sung by talat aziz…. resung by jagjit singh ji…

    sing & download from here…


  7. very interasting song

  8. nice and true lyrics…can be taken positively as you goes where ever life takes you…why bother to complain..just be happy with these lines in your mind.

  9. dear all yahi to life hai!

  10. Great song,& i want to downlad this song
    i want to tell eveyone to feel this song,u will understand the truth of life

  11. title song of Sailaab

  12. so nice nd true

  13. Thruth of my life

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